Chocolate Sucker Fun

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Make Chocolate Suckers with Frenchy

I have always wanted to try these and so have my kids hmmm time to give them a try I think.  They are super easy to make and so much fun to eat.

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Take Time To Jar



Make this cute jar of inspiration with Creative Living

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Diaper Box Treasure Chest Tutorial

Make a cute treasure box with your empty diaper box.  Really cute way to re-use those endless boxes of diaper a mom accumulates.


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Gift Bags Made From Envelope


Cute gift bags using envelopes you might have at home with

How About Orange

Lolli Flowers Mom and Son Crafting

I mentioned these cute lollipop flower and now we have given them out.  Here are a few we had left over to add to new ones we make.

He really enjoyed this project.

Thanks to Kind Over Matter For This Great Idea



Cute Baby Shower Printable



Print some adorable baby shower party theme items at Fresh Linen

Fourth of July Yummy Decorated Pretzels



Going to try to make time to make these @ Martha Stewart

Recycle ~ Plastic Lid Ladybugs


Looks like fun to create these ladybug bottle caps with Crafts by Amanda

click on pic visit this site.

Crafty Fridge Magnets




What a cute use for those nifty boxes. I will be trying this soon with my son, as he loves the idea.

Button Paperclip Tutorial


What a neat idea to make a few for myself and some to give away.