Recycled Film Canister

What a clever and pretty idea, an easy way to recycle film canisters.


Easy Tutorial at

In My Own Style

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Lovely Paper Clips

These pretty paper clips are pretty easy to make.  I think I would use them often, now need to make the time to make them for myself and then for a gift too.


Visit Lovely Paper Blog for this tutorial

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Little Crochet Butterflies

How cute and pretty these little butterflies @ Little Birdie Secrets


Print and Cut Disguise Kit

How fun is this to cut and play with a free download printable from Design House Digital

Visit for some printing fun!




Crayon Craft – Fun With The Kids

We tried our hand at the crayon molds and it was pretty easy.  We put all the colors together and got the color brown on all our molds.  Next time will just have one color at a time and no mixing them up.

Our problem now what to do with all the brown we have, think, think.  Any ideas?


Here is the post with crayon tutorials.  I need to go back and re-read those, and maybe the colors will come out much better nextr try.

Fun With Binder Clips

These are oh so darn cute, binder clips craft with Crafty Batches.


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My Try At Cake Balls

Over the 4th of July weekend I tried to make some German Chocolate Cake Balls

Here are a few pics of them

Cake Ball

Cake Balls

My family was surrounding me like a pack of little wolves wanting to eat them even before they were all done.  The couldn’t say how awesome they tasted, so I take it they liked them very much.

I will definitely try these again soon.

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Red Velvet Cake Balls



Oh my goodness this look adorable, I definitely want to try and make some of these real soon.  My scale is going to hate me for this till Christmas, but I don’t care 🙂

Visit Bakerella to find out how to make this little pieces of  heaven.

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Recyling Old Crayons Into New Crayons


 Recycle Old Crayons with

Zekka Life

What a neat craft to do with the kids

More Site With Recyling Crayons Ideas

Chica and Jo

Make and Take

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