Washer Necklace

Nice tutorial at


Christmas Recipe To Give To Friends, Family & More

I saw this on My Computer is My Canvas and loved it.  I didn’t save it and took me quite a while to find it again.  I don’t like when I can picture something this cute in my mind and can’t find the instructions for it.  Our family is definitely making some of these for the holidays.  Also this recipe has a most adorable printable to go with it, how much easier can a gift get.

pretzel christmas candy

My Computer Is My Canvas


Pretzel hugs is another version of this incredibly easy candy gift. Visit Echoes of Laughter for this version.  My 7 yr old is just asking me to do these over and over today. (mom might just have to give in to that request)

pretzel hugsEchoes of Laughter


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Recycled Film Canister

What a clever and pretty idea, an easy way to recycle film canisters.


Easy Tutorial at

In My Own Style

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Lovely Paper Clips

These pretty paper clips are pretty easy to make.  I think I would use them often, now need to make the time to make them for myself and then for a gift too.


Visit Lovely Paper Blog for this tutorial

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Little Crochet Butterflies

How cute and pretty these little butterflies @ Little Birdie Secrets


Fun With Binder Clips

These are oh so darn cute, binder clips craft with Crafty Batches.


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Red Velvet Cake Balls



Oh my goodness this look adorable, I definitely want to try and make some of these real soon.  My scale is going to hate me for this till Christmas, but I don’t care 🙂

Visit Bakerella to find out how to make this little pieces of  heaven.

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Recyling Old Crayons Into New Crayons


 Recycle Old Crayons with

Zekka Life

What a neat craft to do with the kids

More Site With Recyling Crayons Ideas

Chica and Jo

Make and Take

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Take Time To Jar



Make this cute jar of inspiration with Creative Living

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Diaper Box Treasure Chest Tutorial

Make a cute treasure box with your empty diaper box.  Really cute way to re-use those endless boxes of diaper a mom accumulates.


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