Crayon Craft – Fun With The Kids

We tried our hand at the crayon molds and it was pretty easy.  We put all the colors together and got the color brown on all our molds.  Next time will just have one color at a time and no mixing them up.

Our problem now what to do with all the brown we have, think, think.  Any ideas?


Here is the post with crayon tutorials.  I need to go back and re-read those, and maybe the colors will come out much better nextr try.

My Try At Cake Balls

Over the 4th of July weekend I tried to make some German Chocolate Cake Balls

Here are a few pics of them

Cake Ball

Cake Balls

My family was surrounding me like a pack of little wolves wanting to eat them even before they were all done.  The couldn’t say how awesome they tasted, so I take it they liked them very much.

I will definitely try these again soon.

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Lolli Flowers Mom and Son Crafting

I mentioned these cute lollipop flower and now we have given them out.  Here are a few we had left over to add to new ones we make.

He really enjoyed this project.

Thanks to Kind Over Matter For This Great Idea